Paruresis Cause Effect And Cure

Paruresis – The Cause, The Effects And The Cure

shy bladder paruresis cureParuresis is typically characterized by either the difficulty or, in many cases, the complete inability to urinate in the presence of others or in social circumstances or, as officially recorded, “the inability to initiate or sustain effective urination (micturition) in situations where there is a perception of scrutiny, or potential scrutiny, by others”.  Read More >>>

It’s also accompanied by the paruretics (those suffering with paruresis) avoidance of such situations and it’s this effect that can be life changing.

The condition itself is the fear of NOT being able to urinate and having people notice and goes by many other names – shy bladder syndrome, bashful bladder, urophobia, pee shyness, public piss syndrome (not our favourite term) amongst others. It effects both men and women but is more prevalent in men and was first recognised back in 1954 by psychologists Williams and Degenhart who conducted a survey of paruresis symptoms in over 1400 university students.

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As a result of further studies and research it is now estimated that around 7% of the worlds population may suffer from Paruresis. That equates to 21 million people in the USA, 4.5 million in the UK and a staggering 220 million worldwide … and you thought it was just you! Only a very small percentage of paruretics have had their symptoms recognized by a health care professional though.

Shy bladder syndrome is a psychological condition that’s officially classified as a social phobia and, as with most social anxiety disorders, it varies in intensity from some minor degree of hesitancy in public toilets or restrooms or a slight delay in starting to pee, to the complete in ability to urinate in any type of public situation. In acute situations the paruretic can only urinate when at home and alone and, believe me, when it gets to this degree it’s life changing.

It affects people the most in public toilets and restrooms, including those at work, it can also manifest itself in houses of family and friends and, in extreme cases, in their own home if other people are also around. The condition has a tendency to be progressive in nature with the fear of not being able to urinate in public growing and hence causing more and more problems.

It’s a vicious circle – the embarrassment of a inability to urinate creating anxiety which in turn causes avoidance of these situations which results in greater sensitivity which increases anxiety and so the circle develops. That’s why you need to seek out a solution!

As for the cause of the condition … it’s very difficult to put your finger on it as it’s person specific but it often develops as a result of some degree of traumatic bathroom experience such as teasing, bullying assault etc

As Paruresis is not a physical condition the only drugs that will be effective are those that are able to help towards the long-term treatment of anxiety. Instead of drugs, the most popular and effective treatments are the following:

Relaxation Techniques – learn how to relax the mind to ease the anxiety related to bashful bladder.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – a talking therapy that can help you manage your problems by changing the way you think and behave.

Exposure Therapy – gradual exposure of the paruretic to urinating in public places without any danger, in order to overcome their anxiety.

As mentioned earlier, only a very small percentage of sufferers have been officially diagnosed – and that’s because of the embarrassment associated with this condition. The same goes when it comes to looking for a treatment. That’s why the self- help shy bladder treatment systems have proved so popular of which there are a number on the market today.

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