How Dealing With Shy Bladder Common Triggers Can Help

As a cure, dealing with shy bladder common triggers is highly effective. Triggers are different to each paruretic and specific to them. Establishing the actual trigger is therefore critical.

Dealing With Shy Bladder Common Triggers

As you know, Paruresis is more common and there is no fixed age of onset. Even a toddler could start feeling shy about urinating, or it could set in in young adults or even adults. This leads to the big question – what could be causing it? And, how is it possible that the trigger can affect people of such different ages?

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Dealing With Shy Bladder Common Triggers

There are many common shy bladder triggers but obviously they differ from person to person. When trying to understand what could be a trigger in the first place, the first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that pee phobia isn’t a physical affliction. In fact, it is actually a social anxiety disorder that manifests itself in this form.

So the triggers too need to be socially affecting ones. And we’ll try to unlock that now:


Shy Bladder Common Triggers

Of most of the people who are pee shy, if you asked them to pinpoint an incident or an experience in life that set off this symptom, you’d find most of them come up with incidents that were mildly or greatly traumatic psychologically.

For instance, a child who had to go through very strict discipline in childhood, especially when it came to using the toilet, this fear or phobia can translate into shy bladder syndrome.

On the other hand, if during teenage or the pre-teen periods in life, if they were ever bullied in the toilet – at home, or at school. This can lead to them being unable to pee in public toilets. The bullying leaves an indelible mark in the mind. Every time they want to urinate, knowing there are people around makes their urinary sphincter tense and they find it difficult to pee.

So basically, most people who have pee phobia usually started feeling it after particular episodes. A past situation where they have been made to feel extremely uncomfortable or persecuted in relation to the act of urinating. And therefore, the cure for the disease has to be psychological too – as opposed to physical. It requires therapy and a whole changing of the mindset towards urinating in public. More info >>>


A Final Word

Most often you find that people with shy bladder syndrome are also people who suffer from some form of social anxiety phobia. This is probably what made them more prone to developing the condition in the first place. And being so closely related, this anxiety worsens the syndrome. The basic fact is that knowing about the shy bladder common triggers can actually help you to prevent it. But this works most often in the case of parents of children. Since you know what could be causing it, make sure you have an open relationship with your child, where he can share his fears and experiences with you – by working through them and giving him the required sense of security, you can actually avoid cases of avoidant paruresis affecting him in school.


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Shy Bladder Syndrome Paruresis Treatment System

#1 Shy Bladder Treatment System


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