Pee Phobia – Understanding The Root Of It

Pee phobia or shy bladder syndrome – a condition where you feel shy to be peeing in public. Naturally, public urinals are out of the question! Often, some men will even complain that they have trouble peeing even in enclosed cubicles… Such people are seen to either “hold it in”, or refrain from drinking liquids – so as not to have to go to the toilet while out of the house!

Pee Phobia

While this may sound strange to an unaffected person – to someone who has the condition – this should seem very familiar.

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Understanding Pee Phobia

You may as well think that it has to do with hygiene, since it usually affects people when going to public toilets. In actual fact it is actually more of a social phobia. Shy bladder syndrome usually affects people from the teens. To add to that, going to the men’s room is usually a ‘communal’ thing – because men usually go in groups. But this poses a bigger problem for those with shy bladder syndrome.

It becomes quite possible that they got laughed at or a friend poked fun at them because of their inability to pee with friends in adjacent urinals. At that time, it may not seem like a big issue, but it does give rise to the deep-set social phobia.

For those of you who may find the true nature of the phobia a little difficult to grasp, here’s a video that does so very effectively by observing and conversing with someone who actually suffers from the condition:

As the video suggested, there may be ways to treat this embarrassing condition. And it may just lie in accessing the subconscious and trying to decrease the effect of the incident that gave rise to the phobia. The good news therefore, is that you can treat your pee phobia and overcome your deep-seated fear . By doing so, you will be able to socialize much more normally!


Pee Phobia Treatment Programs

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Shy Bladder Syndrome Paruresis Treatment System

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