Shy Bladder Causing An Inability To Urinate?

Shy Bladder syndrome or pee phobia is a condition where a person is unable to urinate when in a public urinal or toilet. It’s the inability to urinate in public or when others are around or likely to be in the vicinity.

Inability To Urinate

So long as they can be heard or seen, the fear of being judged gives rise to this problem. The social phobia gives rise to the inability to urinate. But why does this happen? Under what circumstances? And what actually happens?

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Shy Bladder And The Inability To Urinate

Let’s try and find the answers to these questions…

Why does this inability to urinate happen?

Pee phobia and the inability to urinate has often been compared to agoraphobia – a fear of crowds or crowded spaces. Agoraphobia has its roots in a person getting stuck in a situation and not managing to get out. Pee phobia differs in that the person probably feels shy or scared about what anybody who sees them urinating may think about them. This triggers the physical manifestations of shy bladder syndrome.

Moving on to the next question…

What situations can trigger this reaction?

There can be a whole range of different situations, but we’ll try and explain it up by giving a few examples –

  • At the toilet in any public place like a theatre or concert – so long as there are other people in the same room.
  • At a friend’s or relative’s house, because there are other people in the house.
  • In your own home, when there are guests in the house.
  • In case of single toilets – when you know there’s another person outside awaiting their turn.

You get the basic idea – anywhere there are people to hear you passing urine – the reaction triggers. People feel shy that those that can hear them will judge them or think unkind things about them. In fact, like all phobias, this fear too is quite beyond rationality. The other person also goes to the loo and pees – but you will never stop to think that!

The result, you find you are suffering from an inability to pee. In the long run, it restricts people’s movements out of the house, it hinders them from actually enjoying themselves at social dos, because they are either limiting drinks, or they are getting anxious about going to the toilet.

And that brings us to the last question…

What actually happens in your body – causing this inability to pee?

When the social phobia is triggered, like all phobias, it causes a tensing of the muscles. The anxiety that comes with it could also affect your pulse and blood pressure. This tensing of the muscles affects the urinary sphincter. This is actually a muscle that needs to be relaxed so that the urine can pass. But in public, when you start feeling ‘shy’, this muscle refuses to relax and you cannot clear your bladder.

And that is probably why, the key to overcoming the inability to urinate lies in being able to relax and calm your mind – thereby relaxing your body. A more long term cure is to be able to alter the cause for the social phobia.


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