The Effects Of Paruresis In Women With Shy Bladder Syndrome

We expect men to be more pee-shy than women are. This is more so when you consider the fact that public urinals for men do not have partitions or dividing walls. However, this belief is not always true. Even though men are totally justified to be uncomfortable with the environment of public urinals, some women have the same problem. Paruresis in women is not as uncommon as you may first think.

paruresis in women

Pee-shyness, also called paruresis, has the same triggers in men as it has in women. Therefore, the methods of administration are the same. If a man is afraid of using a urinal, he can look around for a more private stall. Women cannot fall back on the same alternative. A number of women therefore resort to self-catheterization, the ultimate solution to the problem. If a woman can pull this off, then she will grow in confidence and overcome her shyness while peeing in public.

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Paruresis In Women

Shy bladder syndrome becomes even more serious when female toilets are busy most of the time, as the victim feels under even more pressure when there is a crowd. She tends to hesitate for one of the rooms to clear, and this usually tends to amplify her nervousness. Whichever way, women love and appreciate a particular level of privacy, even in a public restroom.

In general, women are more afraid of “urinal noises” than men are. The solution is therefore to self-catheterize. You should note that this process is a bit risky as it puts you at the risk of contracting infections of the urinary tract, which are more prevalent in women than in men.

Paruresis – more common in men?

From the outset, it seems that men develop paruresis more often than women do. However, this does not always prove to be true. There is actually a possibility that women develop it frequently too and fail to notice it. Either that or that they devise ways of avoiding the situations that cause it. Women can at times be very creative with their strategies of avoidance.

Maybe men are more aware, hence vulnerable to pee shyness because they have to pee while standing up. A female victim might not see the condition as a threat on her persona as a female. A man, on the other hand, may feel that it undermines who he is. There is another angle, which is that a woman may not feel at ease discussing her condition, while men do not mind sharing.

Altogether, this is a deeply personal issue for both men and women. We can all understand why it causes so much confusion.

Paruresis in women IS treatable and you can control or overcome the condition (read more). It’s a very personal condition that the sufferer is often too embarrassed to discuss. This is why the self help treatment programs are so very popular. With a little determination to beat the condition and dedication to the system they can be incredibly effective.


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Shy Bladder Syndrome Paruresis Treatment System

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