Why Bashful Bladder Is More Prevalent In Men!

Paruresis is more common than you may think. It can affect both men and women but it’s significantly more common in men. So, just why is bashful bladder more prevalent in men?

Bashful Bladder Men

Shy bladder syndrome or Pee phobia is quite a common condition that many people in the U.S. suffer from. Varying statistics say that between 17 to 20 million people in the U.S. alone suffer from this condition. But there is a significant fact to note here – a good 90% of the total number of sufferers of bashful bladder are actually men!

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Shy Bladder Syndrome Paruresis Treatment System

Shy Bladder Syndrome Paruresis Treatment System


Why Bashful Bladder Is More Prevalent In Men

That’s right, bashful bladder syndrome is much more prevalent in men – wonder why? Possibly one of the main reasons for this is the fact that men’s rooms offer much less privacy than ladies’ washrooms. Considering that shy bladder syndrome is actually a social phobia, the fact that most men’s rooms have open urinals – that ensure that you cannot just be heard but also seen,while doing your business, only adds to the likely causes of the condition.

Men who are already shy or insecure find themselves unable to pee in public toilets because they are constantly scared that other people can see or hear them, and even judge them. In fact, the fact that men’s toilets contain just open urinals could have caused many an adolescent to become the butt of ridicule and jokes – leading on to a lifelong case of pee phobia.

Also as it often happens, in schools, the underdogs, or insecure ones may get bullied by fellow students. This happens more often to boys – in the boys’ room – when they are trying to use the urinal. This can also be a likely cause of shy bladder syndrome. The traumatic incident imprints in the boy’s mind and gives rise to a fear of public urinals.

While shy bladder may be more common in men (more), its treatment is the same for men and women. So, if you are also one of the 90% or you are a woman – find out how you can overcome this condition so that you can improve the quality of your social life!


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Shy Bladder Syndrome Paruresis Treatment System

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