Shy Bladder Facts

There’s little talk about Paruresis so just what is this mysterious condition? Let’s get the shy bladder facts:

Shy Bladder Facts

Paruresis, pronounced “par-YOU-ree-sis”, derives from the Latin words meaning abnormal urination.

Alternative names for Paruresis include pee shyness, shy bladder, shy bladder syndrome and bashful bladder.

Best estimates suggest that 7% of people suffer with Paruresis. That’s 21 million Americans or more than 220 million people worldwide.

Shy Bladder affects both men and women equally with similar symptoms.

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Shy Bladder Facts

Some shy bladder facts you may not know:

Paruresis can strike in differing ways – some men may be unable to use a urinal but are OK in a cubicle, some men and women are fine in their own home at all times but have real difficulty in public … even in a cubicle, others may struggle to urinate in their own home when anyone else is around.

Difficulty to urinate can sometimes be down to a prostate condition. Always get this checked out by your doctor.

Shy Bladder Syndrome is officially classified as a social anxiety disorder.

There is not enough known about the condition to classify it as either a mental of physical condition but there is increasing evidence to suggest it to have a genetic and physiological origin rather than just a mental one.

Effective Shy Bladder Treatments

There are three main types of recognised treatments available:

  1. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This works by a person being gradually desensitized to the condition. Specifically through the introduction to the fear over time. Thus controlling a persons mind to counter the irrational thought process with a positive one.
  2. Support Groups. These provide support and encouragement along with discussions and sharing of ideas and experiences.
  3. Medication. Prescription drugs to reduce anxiety or control depression and thus allowing for a more positive thought pattern. This must ONLY be through a doctor.

A combination of some, or all, of the above often works the best.

A breath holding technique is well known to work in certain situations, especially when the sufferer is usually OK to urinate around others when they’ve got a stream started so to speak! It works by increasing carbon dioxide in the blood which is thought to have the effect of reducing anxiety and relaxing the individual. Check this out, discuss with and get directions from your doctor before attempting this technique.

Shy Bladder Facts – Effective Treatment

Paruresis is a condition that CAN be overcome but just how long it takes depends on the individual. A month of cognitive behavioural therapy may result in a significant improvement for some but for others it may take several months.

One of the most important shy bladder facts to remember is that it can be cured. The highest recovery rates are proven to happen when cognitive behavioural therapy and thought control is included in the treatment program.

If you think you may be suffering from Paruresis then get a medical screening to check that there is no underlying medical condition before starting any treatment program.

Finding a treatment program is actually easier than you think. There are a number on the market but there’s one that we particularly recommend:

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Paruresis is not the sort of subject you’ll likely want to publicly discuss and the beauty of either of these treatment programs is that you can follow them in complete privacy and in the comfort of your own home at a time convenient to you.

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Shy Bladder Treatment Programs

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Shy Bladder Syndrome Paruresis Treatment System

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