How To Make Yourself Pee And Overcome Shy Bladder

How to make yourself pee. For a great many people, especially men, shy bladder syndrome is a painful and embarrassing reality. Often this condition has deep psychological roots. Roots which may not always be obvious and hence can be difficult to treat. Rest assured though it really is possible to overcome shy bladder, take back control and start living again!

If you’re looking for that miracle or a magic treatment that cures Paruresis overnight then forget it. With all such social anxiety conditions it’s going to take a little time, effort and determination from you.

The positive to remember though … there is always a way to conquer shy bladder and to learn how to make yourself pee again … if you really want to. I did it and so you can too.

Paruresis – How To Make Yourself Pee

Any paruretic will tell you that shy bladder syndrome can make for a lonely world. How many times have you sat in a bar with friends and discussed it? How often do you see people reading about it? The answers are probably never! It’s one of those conditions that is regarded as amusing or embarrassing. One that somehow means you’re left to feel less of a person.

The way this condition is publicly regarded isn’t going to change overnight either. So, right now, if you’re struggling when it comes to how to make yourself pee, it’s probably something you don’t feel comfortable about discussing with friends or family. Instead you may prefer to treat or manage it yourself, discretely and in complete privacy.

There’s nothing wrong with this at all and, whilst being confident and comfortable enough to share with a close confidante may help the process, we’re not going to tell you to publicise it to the world because you CAN overcome shy bladder syndrome by yourself. No one else need know.

How To Make Yourself Pee For A Drugs Test

We get alot of visitors who are looking at how to make yourself pee for a drugs test. Paruresis is difficult enough in social situations but, being forced to pee for a mandatory drugs test takes it to another level. We sympathise and understand how difficult this additional pressure can be. You can read more about shy bladder and the drugs test here >>>.

There’s no obvious fix except to talk to those responsible for administering the test which, we appreciate, you may find difficult. The other way is in treating the condition. This can be done but will take time. However, we suggest that you have a look at the Overcome Shy Bladder Syndrome download program. You may find this really helps as it works to very quickly adjust the brains natural response to the pressure of paruresis. You will therefore feel more relaxed and able to start a flow. It’s well worth considering and if it doesn’t help you get your money back! Find out more >

How To Make Yourself Pee - 5 Ways To Help You Overcome Shy Bladder

Right … now back to the shy bladder treatment tips! On this page of the website we’ve put together a few tips to overcome shy bladder – we hope they help or inspire you.

Here Are 5 Ways To Help You Overcome Shy Bladder.

There is no guarantee that these methods will work instantly…it might take a while for your mind to come to terms with bodily needs…but as long as you keep at it, you CAN overcome shy bladder and learn how to make yourself pee.

1. Trust Your Instincts And Practise Relaxation:

It is important to trust in your natural body impulses. You might not want to think about the act of urination, but your body will unconsciously carry out its normal functions. What stands in the way is your anxiety. In some cases, you might also be on the verge of a panic attack.

To ensure that you do not panic and that your body can naturally carry out the excretory functions it is meant to, you can learn to relax. Great options to try are:

  • Practise progressive muscular relaxation where you can tense particular muscles in your body and release the tension to release anxiety.
  • Practise yoga to calm your mind.
  • Learn meditation which can curb your anxiety and stress levels, thereby helping you treat your shy bladder syndrome.
  • Self hypnosis with a shy bladder focus. Learn more about paruresis hypnosis >>>

2. Start With The Graduated Exposure Therapy: 

Try urinating in different washrooms under different circumstances and in different degrees of difficulty. Studies carried out by the International Paruresis Association (IPA) show that more than 80% of sufferers succeeded in overcoming shy bladder using this method.

Graduated exposure is basically about desensitisation. Forcing yourself into uncomfortable situations on a step by step, gradual basis until you feel comfortable enough to pee without concern. This can be quite difficult to do alone and is often tackled in support groups or with the help of a pee buddy! What on earth is a pee buddy I hear you ask? Well, believe it or not, they are fairly common. Basically it’s a close friend or confidant who helps you to get over shy bladder syndrome. In the case of graduated exposure, they can stand behind or next to you in a public toilet pretending to impatiently wait for a urinal whilst gradually getting closer and closer.

It takes guts to do this but it’s proven to be a highly successful solution for paruresis.

Learn more about Graduated Exposure Therapy >>>

3. How To Make Yourself Pee – Use A Distraction:

If you find it difficult to urinate, try distracting yourself. It is like being on auto pilot. You can distract yourself with other thoughts – thoughts that keep you away from concentrating on what your body is doing. And once you can divert your attention from the action, your stress levels will come down and your body will take over and carry out its natural function.

Exactly how you distract yourself is up to you, what works for one may not work for another. It could be particular thoughts, counting, listening to music, sounds or audio books … these are just a few examples to help you think about what may work for you.

4. Take A Friend:

Back to the pee-buddy again! If you find it difficult to distract yourself, take along a confidante or a trusted friend who will not judge you…rather he or she will be there to support and lend courage. And given that you will be together, you might be talking to him while your body takes care of itself.

This how to make yourself pee method is similar to graduated exposure but on a more “informal” basis and often works if your symptoms are not too severe and, if nothing else, it will help build confidence and enables you to practice the distraction method above and the breath hold technique below.

5. Hold Your Breath: 

Holding your breath will increase the level of carbon dioxide in the system – this helps to reduce the stress levels. This also causes the urinary sphincter muscle to relax that will help you to urinate. This is what you can do:

  • Exhale 75% of your breath
  • Hold in your breath for 45 seconds

At the same time, if you have clinical panic disorder, then increased levels of CO2 will only cause to increase your anxiety.

Learn more about Paruresis Breath Hold >>>

These are 5 proven ways to help you overcome shy bladder in brief, overview format. If you’re interested in learning more about them and trying them out then we suggest that you Check This Program Out >>>.

Learn How To Make Yourself Pee Again: Treatment Programs To Overcome Shy Bladder

There is another way and, if your serious about curing your shy bladder, you won’t go far wrong by going for one of the following shy bladder treatment programs that work on a self help basis.

As we said earlier, whilst you may want to treat your condition privately and without anyone knowing, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a little discrete help and that’s exactly what you’ll get with learning how to make yourself pee by taking advantage of one of the shy bladder treatment programs.

Better still, we’ve negotiated an amazing deal to just such a program that, with a little effort on your part, is really going to help you beat Paruresis – and quickly too.

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The Paruresis Treatment System is completely guaranteed and totally discrete. Learn how to make yourself pee with this comprehensive yet simple, step by step system designed by professionals in the field of Paruresis and proven to work time and time again. We think it’s the only treatment program you’ll ever need.

What makes this system so incredibly effective is that it was put together by professionals who understand the hurdles and challenges you will face. People who know exactly what you’re going through and someone who can empathise with your feelings and understand the effect it has on your life. You’ll be able to read and relate to testimonials in full and you’ll be able to see exactly how other sufferers have come through the condition and use their own experiences to help and inspire others.

This could potentially change your life – follow the program and it’s guaranteed to work and, when we say guaranteed, we mean that if it doesn’t work it won’t cost you anything at all – simple as that! Find Out More >>>

Do you seriously want to overcome shy bladder?

Shy Bladder HypnosisIf you’re serious about curing your shy bladder you need to try this out. It’s concise, well put together and easy to follow, it’s completely private and discrete so no one need know, you can go at your own pace and there is access to human support if you need it (confidential and understanding of course). Nothing’s free but the cost of all this is very reasonable and we feel it’s incredible value for money … better still, it comes complete with a full, no questions asked, money back guarantee if it doesn’t work.

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How To Make Yourself Pee - 5 Ways To Help You Overcome Shy Bladder


Shy Bladder – The Bottom Line

We hope you’ve found this article to be of help and really hope that you will find the right solution to help you learn how to make yourself pee.

We should add that if you click the links above and decide to buy then we may receive a commission. This does not mean that you are able to buy cheaper elsewhere. In fact, the opposite may actually be true. It does however go some way towards the future development of this website and hence help us to help more. It is therefore very much appreciated.

Good luck – you can do it!

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