Overcome Shy Bladder Syndrome Hypnosis Review: If you’ve never considered hypnotherapy as a cure for shy bladder syndrome, or any other form of anxiety disorder for that matter, it’s time you did. In this feature we will explain just how it works and review the specific shy bladder self-hypnosis treatment program from Uncommon Knowledge.

Overcome Shy Bladder Syndrome Hypnosis Review

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Paruresis – What’s The Problem?

As we’ve explained in other articles, Paruresis is a form of social anxiety disorder. There’s nothing physically wrong with you. Instead, it’s your mind that’s stopping you from letting go and releasing a flow.

When you think about it it’s completely unnatural. You weren’t born this way, when you were very young do you recall having a problem using a restroom? Do you recall having problems urinating. Pretty sure the answer is no. You’re unlikely to have had a problem in early years.

Instead, something’s happened along the way that’s changed the way your sub-conscious brain to react irrationally and to associate the public restroom as a place of “danger” where you’re being ridiculed, embarrassed or judged. In reality it’s nothing of the sorts but … tell your brain that!

Hypnosis For Shy Bladder Syndrome Paruresis


What’s happened to cause this mind malfunction? We can’t say as every case is different. Most likely it’s going to be some sort of emotional trauma – restroom teasing, bulling, pressure to pee or similar. You may have trouble thinking back to the actual cause as shy bladder is the kind of thing that develops over time.

So, that’s what’s happened but what about the cure?

Shy Bladder – What’s The Cure?

Look at the problem logically and the cure is very simple. All you have to do is reprogram the subconscious mind so that it responds the way that it used to do before the trigger and the way any logical brain should and does react.

It sounds so simple when you put it like that but how on earth can you reset things like that? Well, that’s exactly where self-hypnosis can help.

Self-Hypnosis To Fix A Shy Bladder

First of all, let’s dispel those thoughts you’re having right now. When we talk about hypnosis we’re not talking about those stage hypnotists that put victims into a trance to make them do crazy, embarrassing things … that’s just a show. Hypnotism is not about becoming helpless, it’s not like being asleep, it’s not about transgressing back in time and most people, not just the few, can be hypnotised. There – we’ve got that out of the way!

Hypnosis is probably most likened to the REM state of sleep. You’re awake and aware of where you are and what is happening and you remain in complete control and listening. At the same time the relaxed state gives you a sort of internally focussed awareness. This means the words you are taking in are listened to by the subconscious brain rather than the conscious mind. And that, in a nutshell, is how you can start to change the way your mind automatically reacts to certain environments.


For anyone who is worried about what hypnosis is or does, I can assure you that it is safe and just takes you to a state of calm, relaxation inside – and the benefit is, the more you practice it, the easier it gets to reach that state no matter how stressed you are. Dr Anne Duguid who is a Psychologist from Spain

When it comes to shy bladder the words you want to listen to during this hypnotic state relate to this specific problem but it can be tailor made to work on any other form of fear or anxiety. It may not work immediately – don’t expect a quick fix. Over time however, it can be incredibly effective.

There’s two options – hypnotherapy sessions with a trained professional therapist or, a self-hypnosis treatment program. That’s where we suggest that you check out the Overcome Shy Bladder Syndrome self-hypnosis program.

Overcome Shy Bladder Syndrome Hypnosis Review

The Overcome Shy Bladder Syndrome is a self-hypnosis treatment program from Uncommon Knowledge.

Uncommon Knowledge are the self-hypnosis specialists. They have treatment programs for almost any form of anxiety disorder that you can imagine. This particular program is delivered instantly as a fairly short but targeted audio hypnosis session lasting around 17 minutes in total. That means you can listen to it time and time again at your own leisure, in your own time and in complete privacy.

As with all hypnotherapy it works by retraining your subconscious mind to react in a rational manner and take back control of your urinary function. The aim is that you can go into any restroom, in any situation and comfortably be able to pee without fear or anxiety.

Overcome Shy Bladder Syndrome

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Simply sit back with an open mind and listen. Let the words take you! You will relax in a deeper and deeper manner each time you listen to it. You’ll feel calm and settled and have a growing feeling of self-control. The whole audio targets shy bladder and the symptoms associated with it – nothing else. Gradually you’ll feel more and more comfortable in public restrooms and confidence will grow. You’ll be able to ignore others and eventually even forget about the issue completely.

This is where you find out it costs hundreds right? Would it surprise you if we said this is going to set you back less than $15? Not only that but it comes with a full, no questions asked, 90 day guarantee. That gives you plenty of time for it to work and, if you’re not happy you’ve lost nothing.

Overcome Shy Bladder Syndrome Hypnosis – What Others Are Saying

Whilst nothing works for everyone there’s some amazing reviews for Uncommon Knowledge and their vast portfolio of hypnosis downloads. Just a few examples:

“I am now in control instead of my phobia controlling me.”

I’m astounded at the difference self-hypnosis has made to my life. The fast phobia cure has helped me to erase memories that have haunted me for years. I listened to both downloads on alternate days for about a month and finally felt empowered and know that I will be able to cope in situations that used to leave me distressed and afraid. I am now in control instead of my phobia controlling me. Sara who is a school teacher from Sydney, Australia

“Interacting with your company is a pleasure”

I have been using your recordings, and I can safely say you have changed my life for the better. Sitting in a meeting today, I was able to focus better than I ever have previously, and I thought to myself, “I feel so good!” I can’t say that I have said that to myself in a very long time. Thank you for all your work, and keep it up! Rob from the USA.

“The downloads are an affordable, time-efficient tool”

I was recommended this website by an Islamic Shaykh, he encouraged it as one of many tools for helping with character improvement. I had not tried any type of hypnosis before and probably would not have done so without that recommendation. Hypnosis didn’t feel like what I had expected, I thought I’d go comatose or something, and the effect is that I will remember better / be more aware of my goal, so that helps. I’m a busy stay at home mum, and the downloads are an affordable, time-efficient tool for me to try keep on track of my Self Work. Julina a busy homemaker from New Zealand.

“It helps me to relax. and to allow myself to be more spontaneous”

I would recommend your programs to anyone with any form of shyness or social phobias, or really any anxiety, because it helps you to think in a different way and see things in a more relaxed light. What you are thinking can completely color your world, so if something helps you to think more positively, your experience of what goes on around you is greatly improved. Patricia Kirwan who is a Homemaker from Castle Rock, USA

Overcome Shy Bladder Syndrome Hypnosis Review – Our Verdict

There’s not that many specific self help treatment programs for shy bladder and there certainly aren’t many other self-hypnosis sessions like this. We would also challenge you to find anything that is more cost effective.

You’re probably still sceptical, we understand that entirely. Think about it though – $15 and an open mind could change your life and, if it doesn’t, simply ask for your money back.

Don’t buy from us – deal direct with the company itself (sure, we get a small commission for introducing you and we thank you for that if you do make a purchase). We really think you should at least check it out for yourself and give it consideration. We know it has worked really well for many other paruretis and hope it may work as well for you too.

Overcome Shy Bladder Syndrome

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