Shy Bladder Cure

The shy bladder cures that work – find the right one for you. When you struggle with paruresis work, social events and everyday life may not always be easy. But, no matter what you think, there is ALWAYS a solution. It may not be overnight and it may not be easy but, with a little belief, commitment and effort you CAN find a shy bladder cure that works for you.

Did you know a record 17 million people in the U.S. suffer from shy bladder syndrome? That should give you some comfort in the sense that you are not alone in looking for a cure. You should therefore not be surprised at just how many specific treatments there are. They all have worked in the past. Some are widely recognised and others are a little more obscure. But, the shy bladder cures are out there and readily accessible.

On the pages in this section we’re going to introduce you to the main treatments that are proven to work. Good luck!

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Shy Bladder Cures

There are many different techniques – some of which are quite similar and others very different. However, the basic principle behind most of these is to slowly deal with the psychological trigger for the condition, to change the mindset, to calm the body and mind and to build confidence levels to the point where you can deal with anything the world of paruresis can throw at you!

So, just what are these various shy bladder cures and what works the best:

shy bladderKnow About Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Shy Bladder

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a recognised cure for many types and levels of anxiety. As Paruresis is a form of social anxiety there’s absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t work for shy bladder too. And … it does … really well!

Learn all about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Shy Bladder

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shy bladderHave You Tried Graduated Exposure Therapy For Shy Bladder?

Graduated Exposure Therapy is another popular cure for shy bladder syndrome. It works by building your confidence to increasingly challenging environments until you can face anything. Very effective it is too!

Learn all about Graduated Exposure Therapy For Shy Bladder

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paruresis breath hold techniqueDoes Paruresis Breath Hold Practice Really Work?

Paruresis Breath Hold Practice is a techniques that can be used as a stand alone treatment or, more often than not, as a supporting treatment for other cures. It’s all about relaxation in an uncomfortable environment. You need to know about this.

Learn all about the Paruresis Breath Hold Practice

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Shy Bladder And The Water Cure Myth … It Can Actually Help

The idea that shy bladder can be cured by drinking lots of water is a strange one. But, whilst it may not represent a cure, it can certainly help support your treatment program. Worthe checking out!

Discover the Shy Bladder Water Cure Myth.

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Use Hypnosis To Treat Shy Bladder Because It Really Works

Because a shy bladder cure involves, in effect, a reprogramming of your mind and it’s irrational automatic response to public toilets and restrooms then you’ll understand why hypnosis can prove very effective. Sceptical? Of course you are – but worth checking out.

Learn all about Hypnosis To Treat Shy Bladder.

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shy bladder syndromeFinally … A Paruresis Treatment That Works!

Whilst there are different, but still effective, specific types of shy bladder cures there are also a number of self help paruresis treatment programs which work incredibly well. Added benefit of cost effectiveness and privacy make them an incredibly attractive option.

Learn more about the Paruresis Treatment Program.

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Self Help Treatments For Shy Bladder Syndrome

There’s still a stigma around Paruresis. It’s still the “secret” phobia which sufferers find it hard to talk about. Self-help treatments for shy bladder syndrome can prove extremely effective they and tick alot of boxes when it comes to your own privacy requirements too.

Learn more about Self Hep Treatments For Shy Bladder.

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Are we missing anything? Tell us what worked for you and we’ll include your success stories – simply use the Contact Us form.

The Best Of The Shy Bladder Cures

To be honest, everyone is different and what works for one may not be as effective for the next. It also depends on if you want to go it alone of if you want to seek the help and mentoring of a professional. That can be quite pricey so it also depends how much you are able to invest in a treatment program.

We’re not going to say any one particular cure works better than another.

What we will say is that many first prefer to go for a self-help treatment program. Whether this is because it’s seen as an easy option to get started on instantly or whether this is because most sufferers are too embarrassed to talk about the condition and, hence, want to work on the treatment discretely (we must break this stigma) we don’t know. Probably a bit of both we suspect!

To be honest these treatment programs do work very well and cover many of the specific treatments we discuss. They are therefore a great reference resource to help understand the condition fully and so will certainly help in all situations.

There are a number of such programs on the market today but we’ve teamed up with The Paruresis Treatment System which we believe to be the best in class:

  • THE most advanced and comprehensive treatment program available
  • Discrete, easy to follow, step by step system.
  • A full 90 day money back guarantee … no questions

If you’re serious about curing your shy bladder then we suggest you give this treatment program a try … it could completely change your life forever.

The link below will give you all the information you need about the treatment program and will also provide automatic access to any special offers that may be available. It will also give you direct and instant access so that you can get started right away.

Shy Bladder Syndrome Paruresis Treatment System

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