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Shy Bladder Syndrome Information – All You Need To Know: Shy bladder syndrome or Paruresis is a condition that affects many men and women around us, even though we may not know about it. A person suffering from this condition may be at a social do, or at a concert, or at any public place and need to go to the toilet – and chances are they’ll avoid it. They could also refrain from drinking fluids as well – just so they do not have to go. In fact, even when they have to go, they find themselves standing at the urinal or stall, and finding it next to impossible to pee.

If this describes you, or someone you know then, be assured, it is a treatable condition and there is a cure. It’s also far more common than you may think . It’s not just you – there are millions more, it’s just not talked about very much!

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Shy Bladder Syndrome Information Pages

In this section we aim to give you all the information you’ll need to understand the condition of paruresis or shy bladder syndrome.

Paruresis – A Condensed Overview Of Shy Bladder Syndrome

As the title suggests, this feature provides a short, concise explanation into the social anxiety disorder that is Paruresis. All the general information about shy bladder syndrome is in this single article.

All the Paruresis Information you need is here.

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Avoidant ParuresisThe Different Names Of Paruresis Shy Bladder Syndrome

One condition … so many names! An official medical name for the condition plus more than 10 other common nicknames. Does it get more confusing than this? Let’s make things simple …

Learn all the Different Names Of Paruresis.

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social phobiaShy Bladder Syndrome – Officially A Form Of Social Phobia

Shy bladder syndrome is not a physical condition. It’s actually officially classified as a social anxiety disorder and hence is a form of social anxiety. Read how this affects the paruretic and the challenges of treatment options.

Learn all about Shy Bladder Social Phobia.

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The Different Effects Of Shy Bladder In Women And Men

Shy bladder syndrome is more commonly associated with men but the condition affects women too. Whilst the initial causes may be similar the triggers and effects can be markedly different between the sexes.

Learn the differences of shy bladder in women to men

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The Global Prevalence And Impact Of Shy Bladder Syndrome

In this feature we examine the global prevalence of paruresis and the impact it has on the sufferers. Just how common is the condition and how does it affect the average paruretic?

Study the Impact Of Shy Bladder Syndrome

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I’m Finding It Difficult To Start A Flow – What Could Be The Cause?

Shy Bladder Syndrome makes it difficult to pee when in the presence of others. To some the difficulty is just in starting urination. Once they’ve “started a flow” they can easily continue regardless of what happens or if anyone disturbs them.

Read more about Difficulty Starting Urination

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Why Is It That I Find It Hard To Pee In Public Toilets Or Restrooms?

You may not have heard of Shy Bladder Syndrome before but are concerned about the fact that you find it har to or can’t pee in ublic toilets or restrooms. If that’s the case we want to put your mind at rest and explain that you’re not alone.

Compare your symptoms: I Can’t Pee In Public Toilets Or Restrooms – Why?

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Shy Bladder Syndrome – Paruresis Organisation Who Can Help You.

As you might expect therefore, there are a number of national and international organisations set up to help and support the millions who suffer from this form of social anxiety and who promote awareness of and reseach into this condition.

Links to organisation: Paruresis Shy Bladder Organisations Who Can Help

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You may also be interested in reading the Frequently Asked Questions or even asking your own question (anonimously)

Paruresis: Frequently Asked Questions About Shy Bladder Syndrome

A growing list of questions and answers. Everything you can possibly want to know about shy bladder syndrome. If your question isn’t listed just ask and we’ll publish your question and answer … incognito if you wish!

Complete list of shy bladder questions and answers

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Make sure you bookmark and check back regularly as there are plenty more features and articles planned. It’s a developing resource!

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