Shy Bladder And Social Action: The 4 Steps!

Shy Bladder And Social Action

For someone with shy bladder syndrome, the problem is not just very real, but also extremely distressing. In the absence of help or the ability to overcome the condition, these people can actually sink deeper into psychological trauma and depression. And considering that this was the cause for the shy bladder to begin with – this is really detrimental to their health – physical and mental.

Now paruresis needn’t be a way of life – it doesn’t have to be something that so many people must live with and deal with. How? Through what we call shy bladder and social action … read on and I’ll explain!

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Shy Bladder And Social Action

Shy bladder or pee phobia is an acquired disorder born out of experience. But managing to spread the right message in society can actually help people to overcome the condition better. And what’s even better – it may even help to prevent more people from falling prey to the condition.

So, when we talk about social action, what could we be talking about? Let’s see…

The message to spread

We’ve divided this into 4 steps. There are namely these 4 ideas –when people know them and believe them, we can actually face the evil of paruresis much better!

#1 Let people know about what could be triggering paruresis – and this should include informing parents about the ill effects of pressuring their kids where bodily actions are concerned. For example, kids should never be forced to go to the toilet – when they don’t feel like it. Nor should they be overly criticized about their bodily functions. These can all have adverse effects.

#2 Next thing that you should do is to bring to the notice of authorities if you find their public toilets are such that they can make paruretics uncomfortable. Just by erecting simple barriers between urinals, paruretics can be made to feel a lot more secure. So if you see this at any place, take the trouble to educate the authorities about the need for better barriers in the toilet!

#3 In the case of children in school – the best way to avoid them developing the condition is if the general atmosphere is such that the kid feels comfortable – whether in class or in the loo. Therefore, teachers in schools should be informed about the condition. If you think your child is showing proneness, then be sure to inform his teacher well in advance so that the problem does not escalate at school.

#4 Finally, paruresis, like most psychological issues, is best treated with a feeling of security and support. So forming support groups where people are aware and where people are ready to share their success stories of having overcome the condition should be formed. Also, these groups should advertise in local papers so that other unfortunate paruretics can contact them for help and join.

If you are a paruresis success story yourself, remember the anguish you went through. Don’t let others suffer – help them. Be an activist of the shy bladder and social action movement and do your bit today!


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