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Paruresis treatment is possible. You can overcome shy bladder syndrome. You are not the only one suffering from ‘bashful’ bladder, there have been others before you and there will be others after you to suffer from this problem.

Paruresis Treatment

But theirs is no reason to despair – most people thought that Paruresis is not treatable – but with modern studies and techniques, everyone can overcome shy bladder syndrome. After all, there have been thousands just like you who have faced the same anxiety but if you look at them today, living life without the stress of shy bladder, you will also be convinced that you can overcome Paruresis.

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Shy Bladder Syndrome Paruresis Treatment System

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Finding The Paruresis Treatment That Works

When it comes to paruresis the problem and the treatment both begin with you…YOU are the centerpiece. Naturally, you must have tried a thousand methods of leaving this aspect of your life behind…but lapsed back into the despair that most shy bladder sufferers feel.  There is no doubt that you must have tried your best…But the question is why were you unable to overcome the problem?

Why is Paruresis so difficult to overcome?

Paruresis is not a phobia that you can overcome with treatments for anxiety attacks or by reliving your childhood memories when it wasn’t so difficult to let your body take control and carry out the natural bodily functions.

Shy bladder starts with you – if it were some other phobia you would probably be able to overcome by avoiding it. If you have a phobia of insects, you could stay a mile away from them…if you have a fear of heights then you can stick to normal levels of elevation.

But how can you avoid or ‘run away’ from the need to urinate?

There is no way to stop the body from excreting, that’s a normal body function and try as much as you can, you cannot stop the need to pee. And the more you try to stop yourself from peeing, the more the urge takes over.

And then there’s you…with your ‘conditioned response’ to the idea of having to urinate in a public loo. It is not like you can control the impulse to bolt the moment you find yourself facing the prospect of having to pee in a public washroom – just as it is impossible to bypass the need to pee. So you are caught at a crossroads – your body tells you to urinate and your mind shies away from the entire prospect with an urgency that you cannot control.

Naturally, it is not a matter of using your willpower to get yourself to urinate when you just cannot get yourself to come to terms with the fact that – You need to pee.

So the greatest impediment standing in your way to overcoming shy bladder syndrome is YOU!

Shy Bladder Syndrome Paruresis Treatment System

What needs to change?

You don’t need to change per se…but you do need change your mental makeup when it comes to simple and natural acts like having to urinate. There is nothing wrong with feeling the need to empty your bladder – it happens to the best of people – it happens to everybody. The fact that you need to pee or that you can’t – neither of these factors make you abnormal, it just makes you different…by thinking that you are abnormal, and you need to change is just going to make your problem worse.

Instead of trying to “treat” your shy bladder syndrome, learn to accept your bodily processes – once you do, treating Paruresis will not be do difficult.

What you need?

What you need is a special treatment that allows you to accept…accept the body’s functions, your body with its need to excrete…and when you do, you will not shudder every time you have to visit the loo outside the ‘safety’ of your home.

And don’t try to think that this time it will be the same…that you will experience a relapse into the anxiety and the panic attack mode…when thousands could get help from this specialized treatment, so will you.

This specialized paruresis treatment has been undertaken by a team of leading psychologists from all parts of the world, they have carried out serious studies into the root cause of the problem…and that is how they have come across the best way to treat Paruresis.

So, no more:

  • Expensive treatments/therapy
  • Dangerous medication
  • Hours spent in speculating your psyche

All you need is the recommended Shy Bladder Syndrome program and you can reclaim your life and live it to the fullest! NO more stressing over the need to urinate. Read even more >>


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Shy Bladder Syndrome Paruresis Treatment System

#1 Shy Bladder Treatment System


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