Shy Bladder And The Water Cure Myth

“Just turn on the faucet (tap if you’re in the UK) and the sound of water will make you want to pee” … yeah right … I’m sure everyone with a shy bladder will thank you for that one! Believe it or not, this method has a name … the shy bladder water cure. But does it work …

shy bladder water cure

Various water “cures” have long been associated with paruresis though – the simple masking of sounds by turning on a faucet when urinating is a common self help solution but all you paruretics out there searching for a serious solution that works will no doubt have come across the idea that shy bladder can be cured by drinking lots and lots of water – we’ll call it the water cure from now on.

The idea behind one theory is that dehydration is partly to blame and that dehydration is in part down to the modern trends of drinking coffee, alcohol, soda drinks. Whilst a change in drinking habits may help overall health it seems pretty unlikely that, when it comes to shy bladder syndrome, any positive effects will be witnessed.

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Shy Bladder And The Water Cure

There’s also those who say that the more you need to pee the faster you will go. Therefore they will find it easier to pee in difficult situations if they are full to bursting with water.

On the face of it you can’t argue with the logic however paruresis doesn’t always follow logic. Instances have been reported where sufferers have “prepared” for being in a difficult situation by filling themselves up with water. The thinking behind this is that if they’re desperate they’ll be able to go. However, on reaching the bathroom they have felt an increase in pressure to pee which has had the opposite effect. This, in turn, caused them to tense up even more than usual and not be able to go hence making the situation worse.

Also, don’t forget that drinking more means that you’ll need to use the bathroom more often than usual. Make sure you’re prepared for that too.

Drinking lots of water can be good is if you’ve put together a strategy to combat a shy bladder and are looking to test and practice it. In this case drinking water will provide additional opportunities to do just that. It will also give you plenty of chances to visit the bathroom and practice your graduated exposure therapy. This is a technique that works be lessening the effects of shy bladder symptoms to the eventual point where there are no effects and paruresis is cured.


The golden rule when drinking more water … when it comes to going for a pee have a back up plan that reduces the mental pressure when it’s time to take a leak.

A much better way to cure shy bladder is to go with one of the professional self-help treatment programs on the market today – sure, you may use the additional intake of water to practice methods but you’ll be tackling the underlying issue head-on.


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