Shy Bladder Syndrome: An Overview To Overcome The Shyness

Shy bladder syndrome or Paruresis is a condition that affects many men and women around us, even though we may not know about it. A person suffering from this condition may be at a social do, or at a concert, or at any public place and need to go to the toilet – and chances are they’ll avoid it. They could also refrain from drinking fluids as well – just so they do not have to go. In fact, even when they have to go, they find themselves standing at the urinal or stall, and finding it next to impossible to pee.

shy bladder syndrome

If this describes you, or someone you know then, be assured, it is a treatable condition and there is a cure. It’s also far more common than you may think . It’s not just you – there are millions more, it’s just not talked about very much!

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Shy Bladder Syndrome – An Overview

It may sound like a funny condition to an outsider but those suffering from it will tell you just how serious it is. In fact, it is also called pee phobia at times – where the word ‘phobia’ expresses the extent of the fear that causes this condition. Read more >>>

The condition is characterized by an inability to urinate when in public. Even when such people go to the toilet at public events and try to urinate they find they’re completely unable to do so! This be truly distressing and get worse each time you try to go. It can also leads to a perpetuating fear that forces them to avoid public toilets in totality! As mentioned earlier – they’ll avoid drinks, and even when they need to pee,. They’ll try and hold it in till they can make it home or to a more familiar place.


What Causes A Shy Bladder?

There hasn’t so far been any sign to indicate that the condition is physiologically caused. It is more of a psychological symptom – probably born out of a deep-seated fear of being judged or rejected. In other words, it is a social phobia that if someone else in the place heard you doing your business, they’d judge you or ridicule you – aloud or in their minds. It is usually worsened in case of any such incidents of ridicule from friends or others present in the loo.

Possibly because of this particular trigger more men are seen to suffer from the condition than women. Men usually make use of public urinals as opposed to more private cubicles. But that is probably not the only reason for the statistics being heavier on the side of men.

The good news, however, is that shy bladder syndrome is usually curable – and without any medication. In fact, being psychologically motivated, its treatment is also usually in the form of therapy and calming practice. This is designed to help a person overcome the initial trigger for their shy bladder syndrome.

If you too are suffering from it, take heart and follow the right advice. And you too will notice the difference very soon!


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