Social Phobia And Shy Bladder – How Deep Is The Connection?

Psychologists who have studied both social phobia and shy bladder syndrome have come to the conclusion that shy bladder can be officially classified as a social phobia.

social phobia and shy bladder

The inability to pee when you’re not in the safe haven of your private washroom at home doesn’t stem from physical disability. Instead it is a deep seated anxiety about the need to pee in a public loo, or in close proximity of others that makes you unable to let go. Social phobia and shy bladder syndrome are therefore a form of social anxiety disorder. Accounts of people who suffer from Paruresis support this fact – sufferers will be unable to pee unless it is in the guaranteed privacy of the loo at home. And, even then, if there are visitors at home, he is unable to go.

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Social Phobia And Shy Bladder

What happens to a Paruretic?

The urinary system has nothing to do with the inability to urinate. The anxiety you associate with the act of urinating over-stimulates the nervous system and ‘clamps down’ on the inner sphincter muscle. This stops the passage of the urine from the bladder to the urethra and you are unable to pee.

It is an irrational fear that stops you from giving in to the body’s natural needs…and while you are aware of this, your awareness doesn’t help your cause.

How does it start?

This syndrome is a form of mental phobia. It could be because of an ‘accident’ during your childhood for which you were severely punished. it could result from rigorous childhood toilet training etc. For most paruretics, the syndrome begins when they had a bad experience or multiple bad experiences like bullying at school (usually during puberty) while using the loo. For some others it results from sexual trauma or abuse.

Some have even found themselves become paruretic due to a drug test, or a urine test where they had to provide urine voluntarily, with the collector hovering close.

How do most people come to terms with the syndrome?

The immediate thought that crosses your mind when you have SBS is – “I’ m a freak…I am abnormal…no one else has trouble letting go…!”

But the truth is, when it comes to social phobia and shy bladder  – YOU’RE NOT ALONE IN THIS.

There are millions of others in America alone who suffer from shy bladder syndrome. And for a majority of these people letting go is a real agony which affects their lives and their jobs.

There are some who:

  • Refrain from having water at the risk of severe dehydration.
  • Hold it in for 10-12 hours till they get to a loo that’s private and categorized as ‘safe’ by their brain.
  • Do not leave their homes at all for fear of SBS.

These are desperate cases, and only those who actually suffer from Paruresis can understand the agony of wanting to go but being unable to. It is the classic mind-body war that makes their lives difficult and stressful.

Talking helps

Naturally, most paruretics do not prefer to talk about it –just as one suffering from SAD doesn’t feel comfortable talking about his problems …but it is essential to the treatment for them to speak about their problem. They themselves realize the problem is irrational – and the only way to overcome the situation is to change their mental response to the body’s natural needs.

And it is natural to need help with this process of changing your ideas and notions about urination. And you can always try the tips  that millions before you have tried and as a result have successfully overcome shy bladder syndrome.

Now that you know about the connection between social phobia and shy bladder, you should be able to change your attitude towards shy bladder. And with the right treatment option ; you will overcome your shy bladder.

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