What Is Avoidant Paruresis? Learn About It To Cure It!

Avoidant paruresis – you might have come across this term when searching for Paruresis symptoms or even pee shy cures online. So what is avoidant paruresis?

Avoidant Paruresis

Avoidant paruresis is actually a social anxiety disorder that prevents the sufferer from peeing when others are around. These sufferers are called Avoidant Paruretics simply because their shy bladder causes them to avoid situations where they may struggle to pee.

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What Is Avoidant Paruresis

Avoidant paruresis is an umbrella term used to encompass:

  • Shy bladder
  • Pee shy
  • Stage fright
  • Urinary hesitancy

In fact, this term is used to describe the tendency to avoid having to pee outside the safety of your home…If you know about paruresis, and if you’re suffering from it, then you know that it’s an issue that mostly men suffer from,and probably because washrooms for men are more public than ladies toilets.

What causes paruresis or avoidant paruresis?

Paruresis is basically the inability to pee; it’s a psychological problem that manifests itself as a physical disability. There’s no physical impairment that holds you back from peeing, no renal issues or anything of the sort. It’s just that your brain has somehow conditioned itself such that no bathroom outside of your private loo back home is deemed ‘safe’. Thus the inability to let go – you just can’t relax your sphincter muscle so that the urine can pass down into the urethra.

So there’s no real physical cause for avoidant paruresis – it’s a psychological issue.

You feel embarrassed, shy and in some extreme cases, you can even feel fear if you have to let go and pee in a public urinal.

And so you do the only thing you can – or so you feel – you avoid. You avoid having to go to the washroom by not drinking water/liquids, by not going for vacations, by avoiding social company – you simply do not venture outside the sanctity of your home for long hours just so you can avoid having to pee anywhere other than your private loo.

In fact, you are even unable to pee for a drug test!


What’s The Cure For Paruresis?

Paruresis or shy bladder is not a physical problem but a mental block. But most people suffering from this don’t even realize that it’s their thinking that is holding them back. More info >>>

It’s up to you to convince yourself that there is in fact, no one judging you for having to pee, for having to do something that’s actually a natural bodily process. As long as you can’t let go of this feeling of insecurity, this phobia will continue to wreak havoc in your life.

So the necessary mode of action is to change the way you think about having to pee. And we also give you the necessary tips to win your war against yourself and paruresis. As long as you can change your thought process and your natural response to having the urge to pee, you can overcome paruresis.

We hope that learning what is avoidant paruresis becomes the first step in your paruresis treatment. Best of luck.


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