Does Breath Hold Practice Really Work For Paruresis?

If you’ve been suffering from paruresis – or more commonly known as pee shyness or shy bladder syndrome, then you must have looked up cures for it. One of the fairly well known treatment options is called breath hold practice.

 Does breath hold practice really work for paruresis

Whilst many people believe it doesn’t work there are those for who it has proven effective – we’ll explain and you decide!

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Breath Hold Practice And Paruresis

Breath hold technique is a simple breathing technique – it consists of you breathing in deeply and slowly…and holding this breath for at least 40 seconds… before letting out this breath – equally slowly and steadily. How long you hold your breath depends on how long you can go without feeling faintish – and sometimes you might even feel you are about to faint – in that case you could consider holding your breath for lesser amounts of time.

Does breath hold practice really work for paruresis?

Science says that this slow breathing helps ease the tension in the body and allows you to calm down and let go so that you’re able to pee.

Normally when you’re suffering from pee shy syndrome, peeing anywhere that your mind deems as ‘non safe’ is impossible. When faced with the prospect of having to pee in public, your mind panics and your body freezes – naturally even if you stand in front of the urinal, your sphincter muscle is still tensed. This stops the urine from reaching from the bladder to the urethra – and despite attempts, you are unable to pee.

Breath hold technique, as mentioned earlier, helps to ease your mind and calm your mind so that this clamming up doesn’t happen. But let’s also tell you that breathing alone will not help – you have to actually will yourself to change your perspective about having to pee in public loos.  These two together will help you overcome shy bladder.

Breath hold practice in action

And before you go on to say that it’s a lot of hard work…here are a few confessions from people just like you, who’ve been trying to overcome their problem with breath hold (BH).

Here’s what one paruretic has to say—

“I look at it like a Placebo. It works because you want it to. That’s what my mind is mumbling to me as the weeks go by.”

And here is another 19 year old college student who has found a cure in BH techniques…he says—

“In a nutshell. I used to suffer from this all throughout high school, but learned of the BH 2 weeks before my senior year. Then I practiced for 45 seconds every day for 2 weeks. I finally got it just in time for school to start. As you can imagine, standing there for 45 seconds was awkward for a while. But after about 2 months of using it successfully every day (I must have had the breath capacity of a pro diver) it only took me 10 seconds exactly from the time I started walking to the time I got there to be ready to go.”

And yet again another person suffering from shy bladder has found his cure in BH.


So – it work then?

So if you ask “Does breath hold practice really work for paruresis?”  We will say that yes it does (more >). But only if you keep at it and practice it alongside changing your perception about the need to pee. As long as you can treat the need to pee as a natural part of you, BH will come through for you as the cure for paruresis!


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