Keep Facing Your Fears About Peeing: It Is The Only Way

Fear is the most limiting of all human experiences. Fear stops you from acting out of free will – fear also stops you from realizing your dreams. So, when it comes to facing your fears about peeing, you think, how are those related to realizing these dreams?

Beat Your Fears About Peeing

Well, for one, most people with pee phobia tend to be scared of social contact. In a bid to avoid public toilets or in the anticipation of those, they usually end up not interacting at social dos. And in very advanced cases, shy bladder syndrome can turn a perfectly normal man into a recluse.

Now, if your dream wasn’t self-actualization away from humanity – chances are your dream will get hampered and to avoid that you need to be able to overcome the fear.

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Keep Facing Your Fears About Peeing

What is fear? Interesting question – fear is a sense of foreboding, it is an experience of anticipation – but anticipation of the negative. But from all of these, it is clear that fear for any one thing, exists only so long as you do not overcome the obstacle. When you’ve overcome it – the fear will naturally subside!

But to overcome any fear – you need to face it first. And the same holds true for Shy Bladder syndrome and your fear of public toilets. So you have it – and you find it difficult to enter the loo, walk up to the urinal, and then ‘let go’ in the midst of a public toilet, and because you anticipate your inability to pee – you avoid these toilets altogether.

But will avoidance help you to overcome your fears about peeing?

The answer is, simply, NO!

You may not manage to pee – but that doesn’t mean you need to stop going. It’s like an exam – everyone wants to ace exams, but only a handful do – does that mean the rest don’t sit the exam? Surely that isn’t the tact you’ve taken in life… So why let shy bladder manipulate you!

The first step to overcoming the fear – is to visit the public loo. Don’t just visit it once – but go there over and over again. And when in there – try your chosen method of calming the nerves, and getting yourself to pee – it could be any method of treatment you choose.

And if you find that you make no headway – don’t give up. Because every time you try, you take a step closer to overcoming your fear. And the first time you have a bit of success, you will find that the path becomes easier then on.

Shy bladder syndrome is a condition in your mind. It isn’t your body – it is your mind that is limiting you – more. And by facing your fears about peeing repeatedly, you start to break into the resistance coming from your subconscious. Whatever it is scared of – it isn’t of just not being able to pee. But by facing the fear every time, you start to impress on your mind that all the other ‘events’ – such as getting laughed at, ridiculed, prosecuted, etc. aren’t going to happen. And the end result is that – with perseverance you will have overcome your shy bladder!


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