Shy Bladder Hypnosis

Shy bladder stems from an irrational fear of having to urinate in public where you have the least amount of privacy. In this case the inability to pee has nothing to do with a physical condition. It’s just the anxiety of being judged by people around that’s preventing you from “letting go”. And that’s exactly where shy bladder hypnosis comes in.

You, and millions like you, who struggle with shy or bashful bladder syndrome, may have had to suffer ridicule, not to mention the lack of social life because of your BBS… always you think that you are alone in this plight. The truth is that there are so many others who think just like you …

Shy Bladder Hypnosis


Bashful Bladder Syndrome And The Psyche!

One of the earliest responses to shy bladder syndrome is – “I’m a freak…everyone else can pee in a public loo, why can’t I?”

The fact is, it’s not really your fault because bashful bladder syndrome usually stems from a deep psychological trauma or experience that has left you unable to respond to your body’s natural need to urinate. It could be:

  • Strict toilet training, complete with severe punishments when you were a child.
  • Bullying in your puberty when using the school washroom.
  • Sexual abuse early on in childhood.
  • Emotional trauma from a urine test – sometimes the harsh treatment from others who don’t understand Paruresis can leave a dark impression.

Of course, this is not in any way an exhaustive list. The actual trigger point for the anxiety is wide ranging and personal to each Paruretic. It may be really difficult to actually pinpoint at all!

How your mind causes your body to shut down!

The crux is that your mind is unable to come to terms with the need to ‘let go’ unless it is in the privacy of your private and safe washroom back at home. Instead of relaxing and letting your body run its course, your nervous system gets over stimulated, and the panic attack causes the inner sphincter muscle to clamp down. The urine cannot pass from the bladder to the urethra and you find yourself unable to pee.

To make matters worse, the condition often gets progressively worse if left unchecked. You’re confidence wanes after each episode and eventually a feeling of dread in having to go to a public toilet comes over you and you go hoping that there’ll be no one else around, or that there will be a cubical free that you can “hide” in. You’re expecting to not be able to go and this makes the condition worse.

It’s the ultimate mind-body war! You can however win the battle … with commitment and patience.

How Does Hypnosis Help Overcome Shy Bladder?

Since the problem starts with your psyche, it can be argued that it’s best to treat your psyche first. Get to the root of the problem and change it from the core.

Hypnosis involves changing your mental make up about a particular problem, in this case your shy bladder. What it aims to do is change your thoughts on the need to pee on an unconscious level. The unconscious part of the brain is probably the most powerful aspect of the human mind – so the moment you are able to change the way your unconscious responds to the need to urinate, you can overcome the very barrier that is holding you back from letting go.

And expert psychologists have figured out that the key to overcoming shy bladder syndrome  is by going down to the unconscious part of the mind. Hence more and more Paruretics are turning to shy bladder hypnosis and are meeting with success!

It’s basically a way of reprogramming your mind. At the moment every time you step up to a urinal or enter a public restroom you mind automatically thinks … “trouble – let’s clamp everything up down there”. You are not choosing to think that way, you may know it’s irrational but your mind is automatically set to respond in that way. What hypnosis aims to do is to reset the minds auto-pilot to the way it was when you were born and the way it automatically responded before whatever your specific initial trigger point was. It will mean that the mind will automatically respond in a more rational manner and the act of entering a public toilet will no longer prompt these negative reactions.

Shy Bladder Hypnosis Tips

We understand you will likely be sceptical but we urge you to not write hypnosis off right away. Sure, it’s not for everyone but it has produced some amazing results for many. Pretty fast results quickly too. Let’s give you a few pointers:

  1. Don’t automatically think of hypnosis as being put into a trance induced state whereby you lose all control. This is NOT what hypnotherapy is about.
  2. Don’t associate hypnosis with the “entertainment” you see on the TV or stage shows. This is not what we’re talking about either and what has given the industry a bad name.
  3. Consider self-hypnosis first. There are a number of specific self-hypnosis programs that are specifically designed to target Paruresis. Programs like the Overcome Shy Bladder Syndrome self hypnosis treatment course. At less than $15 this one’s very cost effective and works really well.
  4. The benefits of hypnosis may help in other areas of your life too. You’ll feel calmer, more settled inside and have a greater feeling of being in control.
  5. If you decide to use a hypnotherapist make sure you check them out first. Make sure they understand your condition fully and have experience in this area.
  6. If you’re still sceptical ask your friends about hypnotherapy or read up on it. You may be surprised at just how popular it actually is and how many people you know take advantage of the amazing results it can produce in all areas of life.

Hypnosis is about relaxing the mind and reprogramming the brain by switching off the analytical side of the brain whilst making the non-analytical part take control of situations … in a rational manner. OK, we’re not saying that it works for everyone but, for many it’s incredibly effective and so we urge you not to write it off without further consideration. the International Society Of Hypnosis is not a bad place to start.

Overcome Shy Bladder Syndrome Hypnosis Program

As we said, there are several such Shy Bladder self-hypnosis programs available but we suggest you check out the recommended Overcome Shy Bladder Syndrome. This one specifically targets Paruresis and nothing else. It’s delivered in the form of an instant audio download, an App, or, if you prefer, a physical CD delivered to your door.

It’s not a long listen, (just over 16 minutes, that’s all) but the idea is to listen to it repeatedly over time. This can be done at a time and place convenient to you and it’s completely private and discrete … no one need know! Better still – it costs less than $15 so you have little to lose – especially when you take into account the full money back guarantee offered.

As self help Paruresis programmes go this one is excellent. It’s written by someone who’s already been through what you’re going through right now. Add to that the fact that it doesn’t cost the earth and comes with a full money back guarantee there’s little to lose but don’t take our word for it – check it out for yourself and see what you think.

Shy Bladder Hypnosis


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